How To Keep Your Fitness Routines Strong

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Healthy habits and routines are among the most popular new year resolutions — were they on your list as well? Better eating habits, reaching a healthy weight, a consistent fitness routine, meditation and mindfulness all contribute to the healthier lifestyle we all want to have. After all, healthy life is a happy life, and who doesn’t want that?

However, despite the best of intentions, the glow of a fresh new year tends to wear off quickly during the first couple of months. It is almost the end of February now, and your enthusiasm is probably on the decline. You’re not alone — in fact, many people struggle to follow through on their plans.

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology has revealed that only 46% of people who make New Year’s resolutions are successful in accomplishing their goals. Over half of the people who set resolutions for the new year are bound to fail but Lifefyle is here to improve that statistic and help you stay on top of your fitness goals.

Get In The Right Mindset

Mental preparation can make or break your goals. Changing the unhealthy habits you’ve been practising for years is no easy task, so diving head-first into your new year resolutions might not be the best approach. Instead, make sure you get in the right mindset and approach your fitness goals in a sustainable way.

The first rule is to stay positive. Remember why you’ve set these fitness goals for yourself and imagine how amazing you will feel when you achieve them. An upbeat playlist is a great aid for those days when you’re lacking motivation. At the same time, try not to beat yourself up for missing a training day every now and then.

Share Your Goals

If you haven’t already, make a list of the reasons why you want to improve your physical fitness. Is it so you can take on a new sport? So you can play with your kids without running out of breath? So you can finally be free of that pesky backache that comes with bad posture and many hours spent behind a desk?

Once the list is done, share your fitness plans with your friends and family. You will feel a sense of obligation and accountability, plus you will have someone to celebrate with once you reach your goals. Who knows? You might even find yourself a training buddy you can workout with!

Use Automations

Technology can be a distraction that keeps you from performing your fitness routines but it can also be one of your best allies when used correctly. The many features of your Lifefyle app are great for keeping on top of your fitness goals! Use the Calendar and Task features to add your workouts and reminders for them, and the Projects feature to keep everything organised.

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The life admin app that frees up your time to do more of what you love. It’s the fastest way to feel calm and in control of your life admin, at your fingertips.

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The life admin app that frees up your time to do more of what you love. It’s the fastest way to feel calm and in control of your life admin, at your fingertips.

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