Mother’s Day Subscription Gift Ideas 2022

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March is girl power month — it starts with International Women’s Day on the 8th and ends with celebrating Mother’s Day on the 27th here in the UK. We all know how important the women who raised us are, but holidays like this can put a lot of pressure on some to find the perfect gift without it being over the top.

Like always when it comes to stressful situations, Lifefyle is here to help and we’ve brought some mighty good ideas with us for Mother’s Day gifts. You could say these are gifts that keep on giving, or you could simply call them subscriptions.

Craft Gin Club

One day of motherly duties involves more stress, worries, planning, attention, and organisation than most of us can handle. Your mum has been having these days since you were born. Help her unwind with a glass of gin, pair perfectly with a mixer and a delicious gourmet treat.

A Craft Gin Club box is carefully curated by ginny experts and contains a full-sized bottle of amazing craft gin, tonics and garnish for the perfect G&T, all the ingredients needed to make the Cocktail of the Month, the tastiest sweet and savoury treats, and 66-page glossy club magazine.

The box gets delivered to your mum’s door once a month for the next 4, 6, or 12 months depending on the type of subscription you opt for. Find out more and purchase a subscription for the magnificent woman who raised you here.


Some moms like to unwind in a more PG way or simply prefer to save that glass of gin or wine for the weekend. Either way, you should support that! A much-deserved chilled out evening on a school day would include a good book, a big mug of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate, and some tasty snacks.

A box from TeaTimeBookshop includes all of that and more depending on the type of box you go for. Their boxes have different themes so you can get the one you know your mum fancies — Crime & Thriller Book Box, RomCom Book Box, or Vintage Book Box are just some of the options available.

Check out all the options for book boxes and hampers on the TeaTimeBookshop website!

Bloom & Wild

Truth is, you can’t go wrong with flowers as a gift for Mother’s Day — it’s a classic option that she will surely appreciate. But if you want to take things to the next level, get her a subscription from Bloom & Wild and have flowers delivered to her once a month, through the letterbox (she doesn’t need to worry about being home for the delivery).

You can opt for a 3, 6 or 12-month subscription, or an ongoing subscription which you can pause or cancel at any time. Bloom & Wild will also add a card to each bouquet and you can customise the message and cover each time. Prefer seasonal blooms over classic ones? No problem — you can choose that as well. Set up a subscription here.

Lifefyle Subscription

It goes without saying that mums are the most organised beings on this planet. Why not help your mum with that and get her a Lifefyle subscription? By using the Lifefyle app to manage all her life admin, she will have more time to do what she loves, including spending time with you. Lifefyle is really a gift for both of you and you can purchase a subscription here.




The life admin app that frees up your time to do more of what you love. It’s the fastest way to feel calm and in control of your life admin, at your fingertips.

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The life admin app that frees up your time to do more of what you love. It’s the fastest way to feel calm and in control of your life admin, at your fingertips.

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