Nailed It! Sort Out Your Life Admin Once and For All

Sorry, I just can’t make it, I need an admin “<evening / day / weekend>” (delete as appropriate)!

How many times have you heard those words, and how many times have you uttered them yourself? Even after months of being locked down with no social plans to be made, no wasted commuting time, and plenty of time at home with our paperwork, an “admin day” is still a thing.

When we first started working from home and had to cancel all our social engagements, big and small, a lot of us thought we could use all this new free time constructively — to finally get on top of household and life admin — so that when we were once more allowed back into the fray, we would have our sh*t together and be available and able to make the most of it.

But in many cases, the plan to get organised sort of melted away along with the dreams of learning a language, getting super fit, or mastering a musical instrument. It melted away amongst a frenzy of homeschooling, Zoom calls, and baking banana bread. It melted away because we didn’t really have a plan, and we certainly didn’t have a system or process to help us get organised.

And now, having been largely isolated since March 2020 here in the UK, invitations and social plans are still such a novelty, that not being organised enough to find the time to accept those plans, is even more galling. Which means it’s about time we did something about it.

We have some great news for you… there’s now an app for that.

It’s called Lifefyle.

Lifefyle captures, organises, and remembers all of life’s admin so you don’t have to. From infrequent and important stuff like keeping your will up to date and renewing passports, to day to day chores like trying to remember which bin to put out, Lifefyle can handle it all.

It combines the most practical of task lists (which, by the way, with a premium account, you can share with your significant others so you can assign tasks between you and make sure everyone is doing their fair share of keeping life ticking along smoothly), with the most intelligent document storage out there.

It has a scanner so you can upload your stuff with the camera on your device, it syncs with your calendar so you can plan to do stuff when you know you have time, and it pings you reminders when something needs your attention.

What’s more, it contains links to service providers, like insurance companies and MOT Test Centres, so that you can get things done in one place, without having to do too much of the thinking.

Lifefyle is quick easy to populate, and you can start reaping the rewards of quicker, less mentally consuming life admin, immediately as you download it.

Whilst some people like to, you absolutely don’t have to dedicate an admin day to getting everything in you filing cabinet uploaded (let’s be honest, most of that stuff is only delayed shredding anyway!).

Instead, if you scan in documents as stuff comes through your letterbox, or forward things in when they land in your inbox, you will gradually build up what you’re using Lifefyle for.

After a couple of months, all of the documents and tasks you need to manage to run your household and your life, will be ticking along nicely in Lifefyle. And you will be able to forget about things, safe in the knowledge that Lifefyle will ping you if something needs your attention, or knowing you can retrieve any document / account number / policy detail you need within a few taps.

Most importantly, you will know everything is organised, and you will be free to accept those social plans (assuming you want to, otherwise you have blissfully free time to yourself) without guilt or worry that you’re going to lose out on a cheaper renewal quote, miss a payment deadline or drop a ball.

So don’t wait until the Summer is over, and certainly don’t wait until you’ve started going back to the office. Whether you’re an Apple or Android, mobile or tablet user, simply download Lifefyle today, and get started. Trust us, it will change your life for good.



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