The Ultimate Stay-Local Holiday Checklist

Photo by Nirmal Rajendharkumar on Unsplash

These trying times of restrictions have certainly built a yearning to get away and as the country starts to open up, staying in the UK is a popular option this year.

The more seasoned travellers within the team want to share some of the things they will be doing to make the best of their time away.

  • Picnics — as eating in at restaurants may still be subject to restrictions, picnics are a great option. Our favourite tip is to put drinks bottles in the freezer overnight and place them at the bottom of your cool bag to keep food fresh.
  • Take your own cup — Many places have been serving drinks in paper cups, taking your own cup is a more pleasant experience and better for the environment.
  • Cooking — Many people are active relaxers. Cooking, baking, and trying out new recipes is a great way to unwind. Nearly all holiday homes are equipped with everything you will need to prepare most meals but if there is one special item you can’t live without, take it with you. A selection of herbs and spices you will use is a good idea too, and they won’t take too much space.
  • Games — be prepared for those rainy days by packing a couple of backup board games or having a carpet picnic. Younger kids love to help, especially if it’s a surprise for the parent who normally does the cooking.
  • Spa days are fun — A couple of washing up bowls, a box of bath salts for a foot spa, a few facemasks from the chemists, a playlist of soothing music make for a relaxing afternoon. Finish off with a flannel soaked in hand-hot water and a smoothie or fruit cocktail.
  • Many holiday properties cater for young families and provide cots, stair gates, and high chairs. It’s always best to clarify what is provided and let the owners know you will be staying with young children so stair gates can be installed and highchairs brought out of storage before your arrival.
  • Organise a food delivery the day you arrive to avoid heading straight out the door for a big food shop.
  • If you prefer to eat out on the first night, don’t forget to book ahead especially during peak season. Arguments on the first night can take the edge off your holiday.
  • If you can’t sleep without your own pillow, make sure you pack it
  • If you only drink a particular brand of tea, remember to take it with you

According to Sykes Holiday Cottages, in 2019 more people took their pets on holiday than children. As well as saving on kennel fees, your dog is part of your family. To reduce the stress you will require a bit of planning.

  • When booking your ‘dog-friendly holiday cottage’ make sure you let the owner you intend to bring your dog, or dogs, and how many.
  • Research the surrounding area to find out which pubs, beaches, and attractions welcome dogs. At some favourite local walks, dogs will be required to be kept on a lead for instance.
  • As well as the essentials such as food, lead, poo bags consider:
  • Dog towels — are always a good idea
  • If your dog tends to jump up on a sofa, bringing a couple of throws will take the worry out of damaging the furniture.
  • A travel bowl and a water bottle are great if you plan some long walks or day trips. Some dog-friendly pubs can also provide water but be sure to plan ahead.
  • When you arrive, get familiar with your surroundings, check for gaps in fences, and keep an eye out for things the dog should not eat.

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