Ultimate Veganuary Checklist & Routines

It’s no wonder veganism is a word that gets used more and more in conversations when one in two Brits knows someone who is vegan. More than just a trend, veganism is a lifestyle that many people swear by — in fact, 1.6 million people in the UK are vegan and over 7 million are currently meat-free.

A further 8.8 million Brits are planning to go meat-free in 2022, and 63% of them want to try a plant-based diet as a New Year’s resolution. Looking at this statistic, it’s easy to see why Veganuary has a bigger following every year — people are eager to start working towards their resolutions in January and taking part in the event makes that easier.

Whether you have taken the 31-day pledge or would just like to experiment with a plant-based diet for a shorter period of time this month, you can rely on Lifefyle to help you reach your goals. Here are some tips and tricks to make Veganuary easy!

Keep Food Simple

If you are worried that trying a vegan diet means having to buy a dozen cookbooks and forage for ingredients only found in the depths of the forest, relax! None of that is necessary unless you have a genuine passion for hiking or foraging.

In fact, if you take a moment to think about it, some of the food you are currently eating on a regular basis is already vegan (bread, pasta, rice, etc.). To veganise your entire diet, simply replace the meat or dairy products with their vegan counterparts — for example, use oat milk in your coffee, coconut milk instead of cream, or vegan burgers instead of ones made out of meat.

Shop Smart

Because so many people take the Veganuary pledge at the beginning of the year, all the supermarkets have already introduced new vegan items in their offering. You will be able to easily spot the vegan sections of the refrigerator, freezer, and normal isles when you go shopping for vegan food.

But don’t stop there — you would be surprised to see how many of the sweets and snacks you enjoy don’t actually contain any animal products. Just check the label for the vegan sign and look at the ingredients. One product that is “accidentally” vegan and not many people know about is the Oreo biscuits.

Get into the Routine

If you are planning on eating a plant-based diet for a few days each week, you will need a bit of preparation. Set up a routine and reminders for these days in Lifefyle so that you can remember to go shopping for fresh ingredients and maybe prep your meals for the next vegan day in your week.

Cooking vegan meals should not feel like a chore. Whenever you stumble upon a vegan recipe that gets you excited, make sure to scan it and save it in Lifefyle. Before you know it, you will have a collection of recipes stored in your account that you can use whenever you need a bit of inspiration or feel like trying something new!

Happy Veganuary!


The ideas and suggestions in this article are not intended as health/medical advice or as a substitute for consulting with a physician or dietician. All matters regarding our readers’ health require medical supervision.

The statistics mentioned in this article come from The Vegan Society, Finder, and Vegan Food and Living.



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